What is Microsoft COCO?


Microsoft COCO is a new image recognition, segmentation, and captioning dataset. Microsoft COCO has several features:

  • Object segmentation
  • Recognition in Context
  • Multiple objects per image
  • More than 300,000 images
  • More than 2 Million instances
  • 80 object categories
  • 5 captions per image


Tsung-Yi Lin Cornell Tech
Genevieve Patterson Brown
Matteo Ruggero Ronchi Caltech
Yin Cui Cornell Tech
Michael Maire TTI Chicago
Serge Belongie Cornell Tech
Lubomir Bourdev UC Berkeley
Ross Girshick Facebook AI
James Hays Georgia Tech
Pietro Perona Caltech
Deva Ramanan CMU
Larry Zitnick Facebook AI
Piotr Dollár Facebook AI


NEWS: Congratulations to the 2015 Detection Challenge winners!